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Last post on this journal

I have already begun posting over at sai_cheshire, so I guess that means this journal is done. I think I have added everyone but if I have missed you then feel free to add my new journal and I'll add you back. Not sure if I mentioned it but this journal isn't getting deleted so if you want to delete it from your f-list then that's fine :) I just want to keep the entries I have already done, probably add some to my memories or something.


Retiring this account

But I'm not leaving LJ, just moving elsewhere.

I'm paid up until December 18th but I'm not entirely sure I'm going to post in this journal after this one.

I'm just not attached to the name anymore, it had served it's purpose in 2006 but has slowly dwindled into nothing.

My new journal is sai_cheshire. I probably won't start friending people until Thanksgiving Day (taking my laptop to my sister's house) but if you want to save me the trouble, go ahead ;)

By the way, I created the layout. It's been so long since I made a banner and that one took forever to do. I made the icons too.

Sai is in The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. It's a form of address meaning "Sir" or "Madam."
A friend of mine (she's the one I went to the NKOTB concerts with) asked me yesterday (Monday) if I wanted to move to Sioux City with her. Basically it takes an hour to get there from where I live now and is where I go when I need...pretty much anything really. Except for when I can get something at Wal-Mart in which case I go to Storm Lake for (20 minutes) because my town fails. We have a K-Mart but it pretty much has nothing. Boo.

Anyhoo...there are pros and cons to living in Sioux City.

1) More to do - there's a mall, lots of shopping, lots of social opportunities, etc
2) It gets me out of this house which is driving me CRAZY!
4) I'm sure there are other pros, that's just all I can think of at the moment.

1) I would have to find a new job. There may be a slim chance I could transfer to the Tyson in SC but that plant is not union so could majorly suck compared to how we have it here. I know the Tyson in Storm Lake sucks and it's not union so there's a really good chance it does too.
2) Rent is not cheap, though a roommate makes it a bit cheaper.
3) It will make moving to NYC (or Arizona, I'm still on the fence) that much harder, considering I pay no rent or utilities where I am now.
4) Kids will be living with us.

I mean no offense to those in my f-list who have kids, you like them, that's great. They're just not for me. I find most kids to be irritating, I have no tolerance whatsoever. I'm not even sure why but I don't interact with kids (even my own nieces and nephews) until they're older...like 9 or 10 years old. Before that, I basically just cringe and they've lived with it. They didn't really care and a lot of times I end up being the favorite. Go figure.

But yeah, I really did think about it for like a day and I don't think I'm going to. I feel bad for her though, she's on the verge of a divorce and is looking for a place to live in SC because she doesn't want to live where she is right now and I can't blame her. She just can't afford the rent herself, most single moms can't without having multiple jobs. My mom raised four daughters by herself, she barely managed and that was years ago. This day and age is even worse. So if it were just for that reason then yes, I would do it but I gotta think about myself here unfortunately. If I want to move out of state to either one of those places, then I can't do it.

I was going to talk about something else but I forgot. Oh! NaNo. It's nonexistent. Did I already mention that? Feels like I did but maybe it was just because I told Sara. But yeah, I can't come to a decision on how anything is going to go down, I keep getting muse conflicts. I write something some way and then my muses bicker in my head. "I don't want it to happen this way" blah, blah, blah so I end up scrapping it. Oh and I'm one of those types who can't just write. I have to edit as I go or otherwise it will bother the crap out of me until I go back and reread it. Then I have all these scenes in my head that just jump around the story and I got nothing to go in between that. Ugh. I don't really feel bad about that though because Ann Rice said to just write the scenes you know, the rest will come later. Lots of writers say that actually.

On Sims 3...I haven't played much so I got nothing to update with. I made Penny (Sara's rp character) who doesn't really look like her PB but I don't really give a shit. Neither does Mara. I thought V was pretty damn close though and I'm happy with him so that's all that matters right? I also made a Saul...well not technically really. I downloaded a Ville Valo Sim someone made and changed his hair, traits, favorites and name so he's more Saul-like. Only thing I can say right now is that Mara has her 5 damn kids now but not her lifetime wish yet because they all aren't teens yet (two are now young adults, one's a teen and two are children). I also do not have the expansion yet, I'm getting it this weekend since I have to drive to frickin' Storm Lake to get it and I just don't feel like making the drive when I have to work the next day.

I should have my review on the Dark Days series up soon, I keep forgetting about it. It was originally going to be the two in one book I got from Science Fiction Book Club (I thought there was only two) but after finding out there was a third, I ordered it and that one will be reviewed in the same post as well. Then one of these days I need to get to Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters since I said I'd review it.

That's it for now. Whew...I need to go to bed now.
Let's see...my weekend consisted of working on Saturday then going over to Wal-Mart afterward to buy Windows 7 for my computer (the free copy I get for buying my computer will be installed in the laptop if I ever send for it, which I better soon) and the rest of that night was spent installing it. If you plan on getting it, make sure you have something to do for several hours. According to techie friends I know, Windows 7 is really an upgrade from Vista. My only gripe with it so far is that you must have the Professional version to use XP mode though that may now be redundant because all of the programs I run anymore are compatible with Vista and 7, so I guess I don't need XP. But it would still be nice if I ever run across the need for it.

Also...if you're running XP now (and I imagine anything below that, if it's even at all possible too lol), the computer would do a full install of 7 which would require you to reinstall everything.

While that was going on I watched Save the Last Dance and Pitch Black on the laptop, then tried the trial version of Sims Life Stories because I didn't want to watch another movie and I couldn't think of anything else to do. Did I mention that my laptop fails with games? The only thing I can seem to run on that machine is WoW but I didn't feel like playing it at the time. I did when 7 was done though.

I ended up going to bed around 8:30 Sunday morning and got back up at around 2 I think. I redyed my hair which I failed at because I forgot to check the back and make sure I got it saturated enough. Of course I didn't. Maybe I'll redo it again this weekend. I got up that early to make sure I got to my sister's in time to go see A Christmas Carol. I wasn't really planning on going because...well it's just another Christmas Carol movie. Big deal. It was a weird one to say the least and I'm not all that sure I liked it or not. I didn't like the animation all that much (at least not how the people were done) and Jim Carrey doing voices...just bleh. I don't wish to offend anyone who likes his movies and how every single one of his characters (ever since Ace Ventura it seems) has to be a moron but come on. Scrooge too? The line was already crossed with me at The Grinch but to take yet another serious character and turn him into that (and it's a friggin' CARTOON for crying out loud!) is unacceptable. Scrooge, however, was not nearly as bad as Grinch though, I didn't have the urge to walk out of A Christmas Carol. I was rolling my eyes a lot though hehe.
Now both my hands hurt. Dammit. And I have two more days to go >.< 10 hours Friday and 8 on Saturday.

I should start NaNo this weekend.
I should also clean the basement this weekend.
I need to go through my shit and get rid of/throw stuff away.
I need to dye my hair again.
I want to play WoW XD
I want to play The Sims 3.

What's going to get done this weekend?

Probably WoW and TS3...*sigh*

NaNo and other things

There is a chance that I could start NaNo this year, albeit a little late. I heard today that we are going back to 8 hour days next week, was supposed to be this week but I don't know why it didn't happen. Basically how it went down was that we were audited and corporate decided they were paying too much overtime (gee with 10 hour days and working 7 days a week, you think?) so they obviously have to stop that. I'm going to assume weekends will be put to a stop as well since it's time and a half on Saturday and double time Sundays (they already did away with Sunday) but I'm not counting on that yet. I just hope it actually happens this time.

I want to attempt Solamar Saga again and I know they say not to participate with something started but does it count if I'm basically rewriting everything I've already had? lol...point is, I don't want to do anything else. I need to get this one done first even though I have scenes of the other books in my head, including the new one I vaguely mentioned in the previous post. I've actually been writing it too but it's very rough. It's for Cruento Morte. I also kind of started the beginning to Dead Girls because it was in my head for some reason. Obviously these are working titles, I just can't come up with anything snazzy right now. Cruento Morte however, will probably be the name of the series. I don't know what the names of the books in the series will be yet. I'm trying (and failing) not to think about all these other things.

Typing hurts right now, the fingers on my right hand got a nasty beating today at work because I was on the side of the table I don't normally work on. The meat (my line does Costco Black Forest and Honey ham, if anyone is familiar with it) is sliced and goes down a conveyor belt. There are people stationed throughout the line, first the slicer who puts the ham "logs" into the slicer, then people who weigh out enough meat for a package (they are called scalers), then someone else fills pockets (i.e. puts the meat in the package), it goes though a machine (multi-vac) that vacuum seals it, then another who slides the packages individually to get pre-priced then it comes to Central Pack where I put 10 in a box and put it through a taping machine then someone picks up the box and sends it off to get weighed and yet another person puts it on a palette. Confused yet? I'm not the only one boxing, there is a person on the other side of the table who fills their own box so we get more product out. I'm usually always on the side that allows me to pick up the packages with my right hand and sets them in the box with my left but I was on the other side and I can't function on that side. For some reason it has practically crippled my right hand so that it hurts to do pretty much everything. I should be on the right side tomorrow, if not then I will move to a different line, where they box the ham steaks (Kirkland Signature, also sold at Costco I believe).

If you have a Costco that you go to, check the meat section. If you see Kirkland Signature on the price sticker and Wilson Continental Deli on the label, odds are really good that I boxed that meat XD I have tried the Honey Ham (we bring packages down to the lunch room sometimes) before and I like it. I don't remember if I've had the Black Forest though. The ham steaks are good too but I don't think I'd pay $3.29/lb. for them.


Alexander Rybak - "Fairytale"

I love this song right now.

It kinda gave me an idea for my book too, of course not the one I should be writing right now but for a different one. *sigh*